Yesterday the House passed a bill combining the approximately $658.2 defense appropriations bill with a continuing resolution keeping the government open till March 23.

The bill now heads to the Senate where it should be voted on Wednesday or Thursday. However, the bill may be altered to strip out the defense spending increase. This is because Democrats are holding out for a deal to lift spending caps (which did not really restrain spending but even minuscule restraints on spending are too much for the bipartisan spending caucuses that controls DC) on both warfare and welfare.

Late last night the Democrats cancelled their retreat to stay in DC for the budget showdown.

Instead the Democratic caucuses will meet in the Capitol to discuss their agenda for 2018.

There is likely to be a deal in the upcoming months to increase both welfare and warfare spending if one is not reached this week.

Campaign for Liberty members should callĀ their Senators and tell them to vote no on any bill that increases spending.

Here is the House vote on the Continuing Resolution.


The House will vote tonight on legislation containing a Continuing Resolution with the $625 billion Defense Appropriations bill. If the bill passes the House, it is expected to go to the Senate where the increase in Defense spending is expired to be paired with increases in domestic spending.

Campaign for Liberty members should call their Representatives now and tell them to vote against the big spending budget deal.