The Senate — defying my expectations and past tradition — remains in session even though we are only a month away from the mid-term election.

The big vote this week could occur today, as Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) is offering a privileged resolution under the Congressional Review Act overturning President Trump’s regulation expanding the availability of short-term insurance plans that are not subject to many ObamaCare restrictions. These plans allow people who  cannot afford ObamaCare plans to obtain affordable health insurance.

Well we can’t have that!

The vote is expected to fail, but it is part of Democrats’ strategy to stoke fear that Republicans will deny care to those with previous-existing conditions, even though most Republican plans keep the pre-existing  conditions mandate. Of course, if Republicans have the courage to actually fight for for free-market health care, they could show how a free-market health care system would find innovative ways to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

Michael Cannon at Cato has more on this here.

The Senate will also consider the Water Resources Development bill, which funds Corps of Engineers’ projects.