Proof that the attempt to make it easier for unions to organize service employee workers is a major priority of the “progressives”  is that two potential candidates for the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential nomination have recently endorsed this effort.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) recently penned a 9,000-word essay, “The American Dream Deferred.” The essay calls for addressing problems facing low-income workers by increasing  government control over private businesses and includes a call for expanding the “joint employer” standard, which allow unions to treat all franchisees as part of the same entity, making it much easier to unionize the franchises.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has invited the CEO of McDonalds to an employee town hall where Senator Sanders will address, among other issues, his support for the joint employer standard.

It should not be surprising that those seeking the Democratic nomination would embrace the union’s war on franchises. The union boss’ political machine — funded by forced dues collected by workers — is one of (if not the) largest sources of funds for “progressive” candidates and causes. This slush fund is threatened by recent setbacks, such as the number of states adopting Right to Work laws and the Supreme Court’s Janus decision. So it is natural the union bosses and their political pals look for new ways to expand their forced-dues empire. Campaign for Liberty will keep a close eye on this issue and any other attempt to undermine the freedom of workers to decide for themselves whether or not to join or pay dues to a union.